When To Call An Emergency Plumber

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a plumbing emergency warrants a call to an emergency plumber. Unfortunately, plumbing problems that seem minor on the surface can quickly grow into a potential disaster.

It is important to know when urgent help is needed to prevent a plumbing problem from growing out of control while waiting for a standard plumbing appointment.


7 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber

Outlined below are a few scenarios in which you should call an emergency plumber.

1. When You Have A Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts anywhere in your home, you need to contact an emergency plumber right away as water can flood your home surprisingly quickly in significant quantities. This can lead to extensive damage not only throughout your home but also to the infrastructure of your house.

Turn off your water supply right away if you know how to do so, and move valuables away from flooded areas while waiting for your emergency plumber to arrive. In addition to fixing pipes, your plumber may be able to provide you with water remediation services.

2. When The Water In Your Shower Is Freezing Cold

When cold water flows out of your shower, you might think you can handle it while waiting for an appointment, but there is a compelling reason that you need to contact an emergency plumber.

This is usually a sign that something is seriously wrong with your hot water heater. It is especially important to get help right away if you hear rattling noises coming from your heater as it may need to be replaced.

3. When Something Happens With The Potential For Flooding

No matter what the nature of your plumbing emergency is, if there appears to be a potential for flooding, even if nothing is flooding right now, it is essential that you get a professional to come to your home immediately.

Flooding has a way of coming on suddenly and causing extensive damage to your flooring, furniture, and even your home’s framing and building materials. In addition, water could cause your electrical system to short out.

If the problem has been building up slowly, it could mean that mold is already growing in places where you cannot see it and putting your family’s health at risk. Calling an emergency plumber right away for assistance may help you avoid hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

4. When Your Sewer Is Backed Up

A backup in your sewer line can lead to bad smells, fumes and pathogens inside your home, which poses a serious health hazard. When you think of all the waste products that sewage contains, you can understand why this is a matter that must be attended to immediately.

Whether your sewer backup is caused by a broken pipe, a tree root or a blockage, an emergency plumber needs to come out right away.

5. When You Have Clogged Drains

Your first instinct when you have a clogged drain may be to get out your plunger, but your drain might be backing up for some hidden reason that could result in rising water that you cannot get under control.

If multiple drains in your home are getting clogged or a single drain is repeatedly clogging up, it is important to get in touch with an emergency plumber right away. If drains in your house that you rarely use are affected by clogs, it could be a sign of a pressing sewer problem.

6. When Your Toilet Is Overflowing

If your toilet is overflowing, the water could be contaminated with viruses and bacteria that can put your family’s health at risk. Although you may believe that you can clear the blockage yourself, it is best to have a professional come out to spot any additional problems that you can’t see and ensure that the overflow will not happen again.

7. When Your Home Is Without Water

If you do not have access to running water anywhere in your home and you have not been notified in advance of any work taking place in the area, your first step should be getting in touch with your utilities to find out if there is a known outage where you live.

If this is not the case, the problem is likely confined to your home, and that means it is time to get in touch with an emergency plumber. The issue could be related to a sewer backup, which will affect cooking and cleaning in addition to preventing you from using your bathroom.

Get In Touch With The Professional Emergency Residential Plumbers

Although preventive maintenance plumbing tasks and minor repairs like leaking faucets can typically wait for a traditional appointment, it is important not to delay seeking help for these plumbing emergencies.

When any of these issues strike, get in touch with the friendly team of Northern Virginia residential plumbers at Baumbach Plumbing & Remodeling LLC. Our master plumbers are prepared to handle all manner of emergency plumbing matters as well as routine plumbing work quickly, affordably and effectively.

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