Why To Avoid DIY Water Heater Repair

When your water heater starts to act up, it may be tempting to try to repair it yourself. With instructions online for nearly everything these days, you might think you can simply type your water heater’s symptoms into a search engine, find the solution and get to work.

However, some water heater repairs should only be carried out by professionals who have the knowledge, experience and tools needed to fix issues successfully.

Reasons Not To Take On DIY Water Heater Repair

Here is a look at a few very compelling reasons that you should not attempt to make these repairs on your own.

It Could Be Unsafe

Water heaters are considered one of the most dangerous appliances in the home, and it is easy to see why. Gallons of very hot water pass through the tank, so checking on leaks could result in burns from hot water or damage to your home.

One important component of a water heater tank is the temperature release valve. When you suspect a leak, it is particularly important that you do not try to modify it.

If the pressure or temperature within your tank is too high or the valve has been damaged in some way, the buildup of force within the water heater could mean that there is an explosion just waiting to happen. A plumber is equipped to handle these situations safely to prevent damage to themselves and your home.

It is also important to consider the potential for carbon monoxide to be given off by a water heater that is in a state of disrepair. This is a very dangerous gas that could have serious health effects on your home’s inhabitants. If your water tank runs on gas, it is important to keep in mind that it is highly flammable and expert help is needed to avoid explosions in or around the house.

You Could Void The Warranty

If you attempt to carry out DIY work on your water heater, you will instantly void the warranty on it. This means you will not have any defenses against further problems that occur in the future, leaving you responsible to pay potentially expensive bills for proper repairs.

When a certified plumber installs or replaces a water heater, you will be given a warranty that protects you from wear and tear.

You Could Purchase The Wrong Water Heater

If you are attempting to replace a water heater, you might mistakenly purchase a replacement that has incorrect specifications. As a result, you could end up with a tank that is not capable of managing the strain that your household places on it.

Every water heater has specific supply and drainage needs that stop pressure from building up inside of it. When a water heater is subjected to high pressure, it puts strains on the valves and places the entire system under stress, which can make it age quickly and require a costly replacement sooner.

A plumber will be able to calculate your home’s water usage needs using considerations such as the size of your home and your family’s water demands, in addition to optimizing the piping and electrical to suit the tank.

You Could Run Into Safety Code Issues

When you hire a plumber to handle your water heater repairs, you can rest assured that everything has been done legally while following appropriate safety procedures.

Plumbers will be well-versed in the relevant safety compliance codes and can also obtain any required permits on your behalf to carry out the repair. They will also be able to adhere to your area’s building and fire codes.

Mixing Electricity And Water Can Be Dangerous

A water heater uses high voltages of electricity to run hot water through the system. When an inexperienced person attempts to carry out repairs, there is always a risk of sparking, burning wires or even electrocution. This not only puts the water heater’s functionality in jeopardy; it could pose a serious risk to your health.

You Could Fix The Wrong Component

When a water heater malfunctions, a thorough inspection is needed to correctly identify the issue. This can be a complicated task given the number of potential problems that could be indicated by a single issue, such as a leak.

Mistakenly repairing a part that is not broken is a waste of time and effort, and you could end up causing more damage to the heater in the process. Many DIY home repairs end up costing more money than you would have spent on a professional for this reason.

If you ignore small problems in your water heater or fail to detect them, they can quickly escalate into significant issues that may be very expensive to repair.

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